Ultrasonic Racks in Houston, TX

Ultrasonic Audio Racks

The Ultrasonic Ball-Tech Audio Racks are designed for high performance of acoustic neutrality, vibration drainage, and simplicity. Five carefully selected materials to accelerate vibration drainage combined with materials to resist ringing and dampening in a aesthetically pleasing form. A ball is incorporated in the columns to aid in the vibration disbursement. 2″ thick Acrylic is an excellent material for vibration control, aids in the mass loading of the rack and because of its regular molecular structure; it will not resonate like glass. Large solid aluminum isolation Spike feet couples the rack to the floor. Special dampeners are added to eliminate ringing effects. Anodizing of aluminum, such as the red can be available in a variety of colors. LED lights inserted into the shelf give a futuristic glow of color. A Frosted edge treatment also available to contain the LED lighting for a dramatic edge.

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